FCKeditor.Java Integration Core 2.6 API

net.fckeditor Core objects to manage the FCKeditor text input form.
net.fckeditor.connector Central interfaces and classes for the connector life cycle.
net.fckeditor.connector.exception Custom connector exceptions.
net.fckeditor.connector.impl Default implementations for the connector interface.
net.fckeditor.handlers Different handlers for various purposes used in the entire system.
net.fckeditor.localization Interfaces and classes for the locale resolution and localized messages.
net.fckeditor.localization.impl Default implementations for the locale resolver interface.
net.fckeditor.requestcycle Supplemental request life cycle interfaces and classes for the connector package.
net.fckeditor.requestcycle.impl Default implementations for the request life cycle interfaces.
net.fckeditor.response Response objects for GET and POST requests.
net.fckeditor.tags JSP tags to create and configure the FCKeditor object.
net.fckeditor.tool Various tool classes.


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