Demo Web Application

You need at least JRE 1.4 and a Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 compliant server implementation to run the demo webapp.

The demo is intended for novices, beginners, and for everyone who wants to see the FCKeditor (version 2.6.3) in action right out of the box. It's also a good reference for you to see how all integral parts work together.

It takes three simple steps to see the demo in action:

  1. Download the fckeditor-java-demo-2.4.2.war from the download area.
  2. Deploy the fckeditor-java-demo-2.4.2.war in your servlet container or application server and make sure that the context is enabled.
  3. Open up your browser and point to http://localhost:8080/fckeditor-java-demo-2.4.2. (assuming your server is running local at port 8080 for testing purposes)

You are now ready to explore the FCKeditor!