Download Guide

We provide several distributions for different purposes. Choose a distribution which fits best in your environment. Every distribution is available in our download area.

Binary distribution

You need at least JRE 1.4 and a Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 compliant server implementation to run the integration pack.

Using Maven 2

Declare a dependency reference to the library in the dependencies section of your POM and Maven 2 will do the rest for you:


Manual download

We provide two binary distributions, read on to learn more!

  • fckeditor-java-core-2.6.jar

    The core library for those who have all dependencies already present.

  • (or tar.gz)

    If you are starting from scratch, this distribution fits best. This package comes with pre-built jars, all dependencies, the entire documentation for offline usage and the license file.

    The pre-built jars are:

    File Description
    fckeditor-java-core-2.6.jar main jar
    fckeditor-java-core-2.6-javadoc.jar optional javadoc for IDE integration
    fckeditor-java-core-2.6-sources.jar optional sources for IDE integration

    The lib folder contains the following dependencies:

    File Description
    commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar Apache Commons FileUpload library
    commons-io-1.3.2.jar Apache Commons IO library
    slf4j-api-1.5.8.jar Simple logging facade library
    imageinfo-1.9.jar Image information library

Source distribution

You need at least Maven 2.0.10 and JDK 5 to compile the integration pack.
  • (or tar.gz)

    If you want to checkout the integration pack's source code, refit to your needs (obeying the license terms) or compile yourself, this is the perfect distribution for you.

A word on Logging

Do not skip this section otherwise your application will fail!

We use the state-of-the-art logging facade SLF4J. To make SFL4J work at runtime, you have to add one binding and the corresponding backend (may be optional) in your classpath. Please check the SLF4J website for more information on bindings and the API itself.