Upgrade Notes

These upgrade notes shall guide you through the changes made from one version to another.
Although we maintain Release Notes, it is still viable to know which changes may/will break or affect your current deployment. Thus these notes should be taken as advice to which changes you should really pay attention to.
Please refer to the Clirr report for a more detailed view of binary and API changes between the current and previous release.

Upgrading from 2.5.x

Ticket Remark
3889 The minimum requirement for Maven has been raised to version 2.0.10 if you plan to compile the integration pack yourself.
3449 All deprecated code has been removed.

Upgrading from 2.4.x

Ticket Remark
- The FCKeditor class enforces now less checks and the FCKConfig can now be set one-by-one only.
2743 Add getUserFilesAbsolutePath to UserPathBuilder interface, implement this method in your builder too.
- The features/commands FolderCreation and FileBrowsing in the CheckTag have been deprecated.
2618 So far we have used ImageInfo which was incorporated into our core jar. We have refactored it and removed from our jar. It is now on
Maven Central Repo. Maven users do not have to bother but those who don't use Maven please make sure that the ImageInfo jar is on
your classpath. The jar is bundled with the binary distribution.
2608 The FCKeditor value will now be passed as-is, whitespace won't be truncated anymore.
2583 The ConnectorServlet will fail in some environments when the deployed war file won't be expanded. If this happens, the
ConnectorServlet will emit an appropriate log message. Consider to switch to another Connector.
2582 Path handling has been aligned to other connector implementations. The FullUrl property is gone (FAQ). the UserFilesPath has slightly
changed semantics and an UserFilesAbsolutePath property has been introduced. Please check the Configuration for more details.
2580 The implementation UserActionImpl has been deprecated in favor of EnabledUserAction. Both classes are functionally equal.
2383 We provide several implementations for every interface. If you don't pick any particaluar implementation, don't worry, we will pick a
suitable one for you.
2382 The UserAction interface has now one more method isCreateFolderEnabled. If you have deployed your own implementation, please adapt it.